How to Identify SCAM ?

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Finest Ways To Avoid A PTC Site Scam or Legit In India or Anywhere !


Beware of fraud online sites. We often see some ads on online videos or some flash advertisements pop up on side of your browser that the next couple of minutes you are going to make money thousands of dollars. Just be careful with them nobody offers free big cash it’s just a trick to attract the users. So these kinds of advertisements just keep away don’t try to register and don’t pay any registration fees before you join in any PTC sites.

Here are the points to identify the scam websites.

    • If any website is asking money before registration just find out about the website in the Google. If you will find so many reviews about those websites because already some experienced users from those websites they definitely wrote about the previous experience about the cheated scam websites.


    • Important is payment proofs from the existing members of the website. People who are really getting money from those sites they do share with the experience in the payment section in the forum. if you still doubt about those websites just go the scam list website in


  • Do not join any PTC Sites when asking your bank details. Just keep away those fraud sites.

Above all mention points are really important to join in any money making websites.

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