How to start a freelance career successfully with our knowledge and skills

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                                     What is freelance ??

The freelancer is a self-employed, work for different organization on time based or by yourself whether it’s an online or offline. This post gives you some idea how to start an online freelance work successfully and increase your internet income from home computer according to our suitable knowledge and skills.

                                Eligibility & Qualification

A degree is not essential for freelancing jobs but you must have keen deep knowledge in a specific area of chosen Type of work. If you are website logo maker try to be perfect in that area with advanced knowledge.
Demand of freelancing is day by day become popular because of internet business growing faster. Here am taking the example as content translation in different languages for a websites.

Writing content for the website in various languages is very common now days.

To run any online business successfully we need a super unique content. The content must be in English or other regional language depends upon the requirement and target of the geographic location. (For example: if your site is for Chinese people, instead of English write in Chinese language.)
Even the big and famous sites are targeted for local languages. Take a snap deal eCommerce site they launched in 3 different languages, English, Hindi and Tamil). So, you can think how important the content is for a website.

Where we can find the real online freelancer jobs in India.

You can find a number of sites when you Google. But am always warn to my visitors choosing the best site is important, should follow some few tips, check the reviews of the site and how they gone pay to us. I mostly prefer PayPal instead of direct wire transfer. Fiveer site is most popular for internet freelancing jobs. As I mentioned in the starting of this post plenty of online jobs available choose best top 5 freelancing sites and register all of them with complete profile including your knowledge and skills.
The image below is from fiveer the minimum bid is 5 dollars. It depends upon the work, for language translating you can charge on the content size or words, for example 5 dollars for 200 words you can demand. If the words are exceeding you can charge more depending on the size of the content


How to gain success with a freelance online work, These tips will improve your earnings

Any business when you start, keep high hopes & goals on that career. Don’t think about money, try to get success in that field, which comes with the feedback stars.

  • Make a plan how to start fresh career, if you are confuse try to follow or take advice from real professionals in your field.
  • As a fresher, it’s very tough to get a freelance job or someone hire you, so 1st five projects keep your service fee is low compared with others and give good service to that customer.
  • Keep in touch with the customer, if you have any doubts clear them first, then start work and remember try to deliver the work before the due date.


If you have more stars, chances to earn a lot of money

Note:- These are the basic points I’ve described in this post. Success is always depending on your skills and how to implement your knowledge.
If I’ve missed any points, please add your ideas in the below comment, which will help for the folks who are looking online freelancing job. Thanks, visiting the post