How To work and Start Earning from BitCoins

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 Win BitCoins Every Hour  

In order to start earning the best from BitCoins first you need to know the price per BitCoin. The price of bitcoins keep on changing like the price of DOLLARS in various countries. Now in this year the estimated bitcoin price is 1 BTC = 431.87 USD and in Indian Currency it is = 29652.78 Indian Rupee.

So you can now think how much you can earn through BTC’S . It is the same process as selling Gold when there price are higher in the stock market. You can either purchase BTC’S when there price are less or you can win them for free.

How to Start ?

Create A BitCoin Wallet

  • First you need to have a BitCoin Wallet ( It is the ATM for your BitCoins, here you receive BitCoins From anywhere around the world ).
  • You can Create the BitCoin Wallet  from here BlockChain. Block Chain is the ultimate BitCoin Wallet Provider around the Globe. You can create your wallet here 100% for FREE.
  • If you get trouble how to create the Wallet Watch the Video Here – Watch Me

How to Earn BitCoins For free

    • You can Claim Free Bitcoins in FreeBitcoin ( It is the 100% Genuine Free Bitcoins paying Site) It is in top of the BTC faucet.

  • Watch the Video Here for Guide – Watch Me
  • You win free BTC Every One Hour Here – After 1 hour click on Claim Free BTC  and they pay you .
  • After you reach the minimum payout in the faucet you can withdraw the BTC in your BitCoin Wallet.
  • Click on WithDraw Button in the faucet to check the minimum withdrawal.

Trade BitCoins or Sell them

You can Sell Bitcoins to Genuine sellers around the world But remember to check their STATS in Google before trading with them.

You can even find the TRADERS in BlockChain Partners List after you login to it.

Good Day and Happy BTC Mining